Chris Randall – Improvisational1

Sunday Synth Jam: Improvisational1, via Chris Randall.

Technical details below:

Having a bit of improv with some new kit.

The bassline is done with the original MeeBlip; there are four two-measure MIDI clips in Ableton, and I’m randomly switching amongst them using follow actions. All drum and percussion sounds were created on a Yamaha TX81Z, then imported to and edited in the Maschine software.

Gear used: MeeBlip, MeeBlipSE, Native Instruments Maschine Mikro, SammichFM, DSI TETR4, Eventide Space, Eventide TimeFactor. Recorded with Ableton Live in one pass of live improv.

8 thoughts on “Chris Randall – Improvisational1

  1. @Darren M. I have the original Meeblip and he’s a great little chap! I use him frequently, despite the recent arrival of another dual oscillator mono- the Moog SP, the Meeblip has more character in a way, but the fun really starts when you chain the two, feeding the Mee into the SP filter (MB has a noise source, SP does not). I’m really interested in the MB SE too, hope you enjoy it!
    Oh, and another fine vid from Chris, thanks pal..

  2. . Great track and nice to see someone doing there own things.Great sounds and seperation. Nice one !!!
    Some fast closed high hats and that would take it too eleven for me.
    Nice and dark and beautiful at the same time.

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