9 thoughts on “Live Techno Jam With Korg Electribe, Kaoss Pad 3, iPad & Ableton Live

  1. o.k. the guy in the video is obviosuly into his thang…
    but I thought the (ahem) music was redundant and uninspiring,
    boring even. But he used an iPad so it’s all good I spose.

  2. Hey, and the thumbs down stuff starts again, too.

    Has there ever been a thread when everybody gave everybody else a thumbs down and ALL the comments were collapsed?

    1. I gave you a thumbs up. I don’t think the thumbs down is meant as insult, I have always considered it an expression of disagreeance. I never take thumbs down personally. everyone is entitiled to their opinion 🙂

      1. I think the thumbsdown works better if used against comments that don’t constructively contribute to the discussion or are obvious troll comments. Simply disagreeing with someone shouldn’t be a reason to thumbsdown. Mainly because it hides comments.

        For example, I’d never thumbsdown someone for saying ” the iPad doesn’t work with my workflow. It’s too cumbersome to communicate between apps and the lack of VST/AU plugins are a real sticking point.” I would thumbsdown “the iBad is for talentless hipsters who have too much money and no sense… hurrrr.”

        1. I agree with you. I treat the UP and DOWN a little differently. I give an UP to anyone I agree with but I only give a DOWN if I think the comment isn’t attempting to contribute directly to a discussion or is directly insulting to someone. So far as I know, an UP doesn’t do any damage, but enough DOWNs can cause a comment to collapse and disappear from a discussion which isn’t good if it’s just a contrary point of view but still thoughtful.

  3. I’m always drawn to the hidden comments, i’m interested if someones opinion/comment isn’t something people want to hear. Plus if i’m going to read everyone else’s comments, i at least want to know what people are bitchin about..
    Oh yeah, the vid. pretty funky. Guess you can make music with all kinds o’ stuff nowadays..

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