Martin Peters’ Contained – Modular Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures Martin Peters‘ live performance of Contained.

Technical details below.

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This video kind of starts where my last video ‘Vernal Season’ left off.

It begins with a 4-step sequence on the Q960 with only step 1, 3 and 4 active on the Q963 trigger bus. During the song I alternate between the 3 rows of the Q960 using the Q962 sequential switch. The Q960 drives the Rob Hordijk OSC HRM, one Q106 VCO and the Ian Fritz Teezer Through-Zero VCO connected to the Blacet Miniwave.

The Mellotron strings, played on the Roland XP-80, joins and after that a 4-step sequence on row one of the Doepfer MAQ16/3 driving the Creamware MiniMax ASB. An 8-step sequence from the MAQ16/3 driving the self-built Modular joins after that.

The Klaus Schulze like S&H percussion comes from the Waldorf Q Keyboard. The solo’s are performed on the Clavia Nord Lead 1.

4 thoughts on “Martin Peters’ Contained – Modular Synth Jam

  1. Wow, this guy is legit. Those are some gorgeous sounds he’s got swirling around in my headphones. I’m going to be watching the rest of his videos!

  2. A very nice sound adventure, as always 🙂
    Martin, may I suggest some additions in the lower part of the spectrum ?
    Your sound is very crystaline, and IMHO, it deserves to be empowered with some bass layers and sequences…

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