New Synth, Mixtape Alpha, Inspired By Cassette Tapes & Stylophones

Open Music Labs has introduced Mixtape Alpha – a new synth they describe as ‘the smallest synthesizer we could make without a prescription.’

Mixtape Alpha has a Stylophone style input for continuous note generation, and 6 buttons for discrete notes. It allows for 4 voices, 4 effects, and 5 note polyphony.

The best part, according to the designers, is that “you can record the songs you make, and trade mixtapes with your friends.”

Mixtape Alpha is based on the ATmega328p and can be hacked to make even crazier sounds. Details on hacking the Mixtape Alpha are available.

Here’s the official intro video for Mixtape Alpha:

Mixtape Alpha is available for $35.

4 thoughts on “New Synth, Mixtape Alpha, Inspired By Cassette Tapes & Stylophones

  1. I just received this a few minutes ago. It’s pretty fun so far! I can’t wait to program it with my own sounds.

  2. Only discovered this now in 2013. Great little gadget & digitally hackable too.
    Even if you want to just use it as is, it’s still good ! Ordered…Done deal.

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