Arturia Minibrute Video Overview

This set of videos, via Marc Doty (AutomaticGainsay) takes a look at the new Arturia Minibrute analog synthesizer.

The first section, above, is an introduction to the Minibrute.

The next video, below, takes a look at the Minibrute’s 0scillator.

The next part takes a look at the sound and functionality of the filter section of the Arturia MiniBrute.

Finally, Doty takes a look at the sound and functionality of the modulation section of the Arturia MiniBrute:

8 thoughts on “Arturia Minibrute Video Overview

  1. I’m watching Marc Doty video’s from the beginning and these video’s from the minibrute are very good.
    He’s doing the whole synth every knob,modulation etc…

  2. Great videos!!
    His channel is one of the best, everyone should take a look at it. A lot of information about analog synths!

  3. This thing is a winner! I was gonna buy it as a CV controller but it really shines in these demo’s in so many ways, I may need two!

  4. “And here’s the noise oscillator”
    “That sounds exactly like noise.”

    You’ve won me over fine sir.

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