8 thoughts on “Granular Guitar – Moog Guitar + csGrain

  1. That was wonderful. And beautiful.

    Granular synthesis produces the most amazing sounds I’ve ever heard. Amazing stuff. It’s as if the concept “science fiction” was made real as sound.

    (That having been said, just imagine if we could get a demo with two Moog guitars added to those guys that worked with two Tempests and two TE OP-1s. It could be a demo so expensive they’d need security services.)

  2. I’ll see if I can borrow another Moog Guitar and iPad and give it a try. Actually, I should make one of them a Moog Lap Steel. That would really be beautiful.

    Chris Stack

    1. That was great!

      Thank you for putting that up! What a collaboration between a producer and a guitar player. And what an example of high technology as art, at its finest.

      Thank you again for sharing that. Very cool stuff. Granular synthesis. Moog guitar. These are good things.

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