Free Ethero 2 Turns iPhone, iPad Into A Gestural MIDI Controller

Glidepro has released Ethero 2 – a gestural MIDI controller for iOS.

The traditional Theremin is usually controlled without any physical contact, with the player using a hand to control the pitch and volume of the sound. Ethero 2 works by using the camera of an iOS device and gestures to MIDI notes.

Ethero 2 doesn’t capture position, as some Kinect-based MIDI projects have done. Instead, it senses variations in the light hitting the camera sensor, so moving your hand or other object in front of the camera will vary the pitch of the notes.

You can use the MIDI output of Ethero 2 via either the Camera Connection Kit, MIDI over WiFi or virtual ports to control apps on the same device.


  • Choose front or back camera (if you have an iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G, or higher)
  • Pick the octave. The lowest note (i.e. when there’s no light coming into the camera) will be start of the octave.
  • Pick your own scale. There are presets for Major, Minor, Major Pentatonic and Minor Pentatonic scales, but you can pick any notes you like!
  • Pick the key. As well as choosing the actual notes of the scale, choose the key.
  • Calibration. Set up your device in its normal ‘un-used’ state and calibrate which sets the ambient level of light to the lowest note the app will play.

Ethero 2 is a free download in the App Store.

via glidepro1984

3 thoughts on “Free Ethero 2 Turns iPhone, iPad Into A Gestural MIDI Controller

  1. This seems pretty cool. I have an iPhone 4 with the current OS and this app is running a lot slower than the video. Its as if its taking snapshots rather than capturing video. If this changes, this’ll be fun!

  2. Whatever app cranks out these names for new synths in the iOS world has to be careful. It’s getting very close to a new synth called the Urethra (which would make sense, I suppose, in a hand-held world, but do we really want to have fun with the output?)

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