New Korg Monotribe Editor & Control Surface, MTribe

Netherlands-based developer Fabrizio Poce has released MTribe – an editor and control surface for the Korg Monotribe.

MTribe is available as standalone for Mac and Windows as well as an Ableton Live / Max for Live device.

Note: A MIDI mod for the Monotribe is required.

You can preview Mtribe below:

MTribe is available now for $5. See Poce’s site for details.

via Amazing Machines

5 thoughts on “New Korg Monotribe Editor & Control Surface, MTribe

  1. Ive only got MIDI IN (the first midimod from Amazing Machines), do need both IN and OUT to get this to work? And do I need Max to make it work in Live?

    Amazing work on this!! And a very nice price 🙂

  2. @ Slomen :
    – MIDI IN from Amazing machines should work fine as well (as MTribe uses only MIDI IN towards the Monotribe).
    – You do not need Max installed


  3. Hey Kaleb!
    Check out Monotron++, it has midi in! The guy who makes it sells the parts for it and has made the rest free! So it might be a solution for you!
    Jesus is Lord!

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