Paint2Sound Turns Photos Into Sounds

Paint2Sound is a free application for Windows that’s designed to convert any .jpg or .bmp image, or any picture you care to draw/paint, into a soundscape.

Each pixel row represents a frequency band. The application synthesizes sine waves for each pixel row with an instantaneous amplitude determined by the brightness of each pixel in the pixel row, and then sums together all the sine waves.

There is user control over various parameters like sample rate, sound duration, how frequencies are distributed across the pixel rows and the overall level in the mix of each sine wave.

Here’s a demo of what Paint2Sound can do:

Paint2Sound is a free download at the Flexibeatz site.

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7 thoughts on “Paint2Sound Turns Photos Into Sounds

    1. There is a great app for mac 10.4 and higher (windows too) called photosounder, which can do something simular to this but has a ton of other options to boot. There’s a free demo of it, it costs around £35, check out the videos on their website, ‘transmitting photographs through sound’ is the video that shows the photo playing ability.

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