MIDI Keyboard Controller Comparison – What To Look For

Leonard from Kosmic Sound takes a look at MIDI control keyboards.

While this is a promo for Kosmic Sound, it does a pretty good job of introducing some of the key differences to consider in buying a MIDI control keyboard and looks at examples from Behringer, AKAI, M-Audio, Novation and Roland.

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13 thoughts on “MIDI Keyboard Controller Comparison – What To Look For

  1. I think that midi keyboards and controllers are to expensive and till now I can’t find my dream controller or midi keyboard!
    There are some that come close to what I want but than the price is to fckd up

  2. whatever happened to 4×4 grids of drum pads anyway? is that not the standard-sized drum rack? many controllers have downsized to 8 pads, and the new akai has 12. i have 3 different midi kb’s with drum pads i rarely use, on account of this oversight. i use maschine anyway, but it seems like a huge waste to have that many different sets of conveniently placed but inconveniently arranged pads.

  3. Why focus on dedicated controllers if you can have midi enabled keyboards as well ?

    For E 200,- you can pick up a MPK 25 (2 octave midi keyboard with some extra controls). Its fun, but only if you have extra gear to use it.

    That money can also buy you a midi enabled keyboard which provides the same input when it comes to musical performance but… can also enhance your setup with a few extra sounds as well. Some of the soundbanks in regular keyboards are often actually quite good.

    Granted; no dials or faders and such. If that’s a key issue then often this isn’t going to work. But if all you’re after is a set of keys then I think you can get more value with less investment. Think outside the box and don’t go for dedicated midi controllers but midi-enabled stuff instead.

  4. I wish someone could make a high quality midi keyboard without all the knobs and faders (which I almost never use anyway, except in a Live situation). Something like a premium version of the Alesis Q49 would be nice.

    I also agree that the prices of the Akai’s, Novation etc are too high. I mean, you can get a second hand digital synth for the same amount of money (which will double as a midi-controller).

  5. I stopped buying weed for two months and got the MPK88 (yes, fo’ hawk guy – the 61 isn’t the ‘biggest’ – do a little research before hitting the interwebs. I suggest google.) and haven’t been happier.

    1. Exactly! Read around a bit before making a choice, there is tons of information out there. The MPK88 is a sweet machine that is hard to beat when considering price and functionality!

  6. the screenshot looks like he’s going to spit on his dick ?
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  7. I wish someone made modular controllers. If they made separate blocks of controls in standardized sizes you could buy the rack (long and skinny, big square, etc) that you wanted, and then fill it with the modules you want. Keys, pads, knobs, sliders, etc in various configurations.

    The idea that someone can sit alone in a room miles away from me and decide what I most need in my studio is rediculous.

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