New Kraftwerk Album Coming ‘Soon’

Kraftwerk has a new album in the works, according to sole remaining member Ralf Hütter.

The New York Times published an interview with Hütter over the weekend, in which he discusses the group’s recent MoMA retrospective and more.  In the interview, Hütter says a new Kraftwerk album was in the works.

“We didn’t fall asleep,” he said. “The 168-hour week is still going on since the beginning, since 1970.”

Hütter did not announce a release date, only saying that the album would be released “Soon.”

13 thoughts on “New Kraftwerk Album Coming ‘Soon’

  1. Didn’t he say more or less the same thing in 2009?

    To be honest, Tour De France Soundtracks took forever to come out and sounded like something a 13-year-old did in their spare time on Fruity Loops.

  2. I’m starting to suspect this will be the synth scene’s “Chinese Democracy” or “Duke Nukem Forever” 😛 … but it also means that it will come out … eventually.

  3. What does one do with outmoded robots? They have become a quaint novelty like the Commodore 64 or 8 track tapes. A reminder of a bygone era.

  4. Is Kraftwerk the most over-rated band ever?

    They really haven’t done anything memorable since The Man-Machine, which is 35 years old. And the only album that they made that actually sounded ahead of its time was Autobahn. Everything else has been image.

  5. I hope its not as pale as the new Human League effort was. Its hard to be seen all that well when you are re-stating your defining works of such an age. I see this as a plus with Thomas Dolby, whose new works compliment the older ones, but he’s a bit of an exception. I hope Ralf can pull it off alone and deliver something sophisticated that takes a cool jog to the left rather than being a copy of the old days. If he just updated “Ralf & Florian” with some zazz, I’d be right on it; I have always been a fan.

  6. I think it might be getting a bit too much for ralf and it’s not as if it’s technically kraftwerk anymore it’s 1 kraftwerk member playing in a tribute

  7. I do not understand why this insistence on trying to make groundbreaking work, just make a decent album with the characteristic Kraftwerk sound, thats all the fans care about.

  8. Hutter is always lying about this 9th album, i dont believe kling klang studio exists any more i feel it is just a storage center where they keep all the gear between all the tours, or should i say money for old rope tours.For alot of people this group can do no wrong, but i really feel that they are now only their own tribute band, and are this group actually playing live

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