Hard Mod Intros Analog Ribbon Synthesizer With 24dB VCF

Hard Mod Electronics has introduced  a new Analog Ribbon Synth:

The Analog Ribbon Synth is new breed of handmade synthesizers. It uses an intuitive ribbon control for create nice pitch shifting sounds and you easily play because the Ribbon is 50cm.

You can external control with your CV-Gate input (1V/Oct). Solid construction and antique look with wooden case and aluminum faceplate. Fully analog, killer sound!


  • Handmade Pure Analog Ribbon Synthesizer
  • 1 VCO ( Super stable oscillator / Saw wave )
  • VCF ( 24dB / oct LPF )
  • Envelope Generator ( Controlled VCF )
  • 3 LFO (Square & Sine wave)
  • CV Input ( Controlled VCO 1V / Oct )
  • Gate Input ( Triggered Envelope Generator )
  • PWM
  • Ribbon measures 50cm or 127 inches
  • 3 Octave 1/2
  • AC 120 V Input

The Analog Ribbon Synthesizer is priced at $375 or $3990 pesos mexicanos plus shipping.

See the Hard Mod Electronics on Facebook for details. Demo video below.

9 thoughts on “Hard Mod Intros Analog Ribbon Synthesizer With 24dB VCF

  1. This is kind of impressive, and at a great price. Funky and clunky, and sorta sexy for both reasons. Hell, any analog box under $500 is practically in impulse buy territory! No MIDI though, so hate will follow here:

  2. Saw a couple of ribbon synth’s at Musikmesse the other week, designed for German electro fans to go out into the woods any play, seems cool; but I want to know how easy it is to play the note you want, is it continuous pitch change or chromatic, and can you detune into scales?

  3. A shame about the clunky push-button note trigger, when even the Monotron can detect ribbon contact. Otherwise, quite a nice little box.

  4. Hard Mod Intros Analog Ribbon Synthesizer With 24dB VCF

    hi, i am french, i would buy this instrument but in 220v
    please help me, where and how to do that?
    thanks, jean paul, france.

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