Arturia Intros Wurlitzer V Electronic Piano Virtual Instrument

Arturia Wurlitzer

Arturia has not been resting, lately, with recent introductions including the MiniBrute and the Oberheim SEM V virtual instrument.

Now they’ve introduced Wurlitzer V, described as ‘a high end software recreation of the classic Wurlitzer 200A electric piano.’

Unlike sample libraries, Wurlitzer V’s physical modeling engine reproduces the very acoustic properties of reeds, key action and amplification, delivering realism while offering maximum flexibility on sound. The Wurlitzer V goes further by giving you 70’s style stompboxes and tube amps.

Here’s the Arturia Wurlitzer V intro:


  • Physical Modeling of the classic Wurlitzer 200A Electric Piano
  • Advanced parameters to allow in-depth control over your sound design
  • Includes 11 classic stompbox-type modeled effects
    • Modeled effects: Wah wah pedal, Autowah, Overdrive, Flanger, Compressor, Phaser, Chorus, Delay, Pitch Shifter / Chorus, Vocal Filter, Reverb.
  • 4 Guitar Tube Amps and 1 Rotary Speaker modeling for vintage live sound
    • Modeled amplifiers: Fender Deluxe Reverb Blackface, Fender Twin Reverb Blackface, Fender Bassman, Marshall Plexi, Leslie Speaker.
  • Modeled microphones: Shure SM57, Sennheiser MD 421, Neumann U 87.
  • Extensive MIDI mapping of pedals, effects and sound engine parameters

Arturia Wurlitzer V is available now for Mac OS X & Windows.


  • Box: USD 129.00 / EURO 119.00
  • Download: USD 99.00 / EURO 99.00

10 thoughts on “Arturia Intros Wurlitzer V Electronic Piano Virtual Instrument

  1. Sounds terrible! I’m really surprised. Arturia has done some great work, but this sounds very unnatural. The Scarbee Wurlitzer is far better in my mind, and I own a Wurlitzer 200A as reference.

  2. I have to agree.

    I know a lot of people will say it doesn’t sound good based on the demos, but remember, they’re just demos. Scarbee or Soniccoutures Broken Wurli might sound fuller and livelier but those samples have been processed. That’s not the case with this vst plugin. From a strictly creative standpoint, Wurlitzer V is very versatile because it is based on physical modeling allowing to create exact sound and tone you want. If you know what you’re doing, you can make anything sound exactly how you want it to sound.

  3. i find it fascinating arturia keeps churning put new product while their flagship customers are yelling blue murder on their forums because of non adressed faults and non delivered updates.
    i have the v collection and its also far from smooth with the worst interface in history. was hoping for a gui refresh/upres but…no. no offense but arturia does not get my trust any more.

    1. I am opposed to dongles, having suffered with them a few times. I now have just one from MOTU and its never uttered a peep (all praise for these guys), but I auto-reject companies that demand them now. Likewise, I have a short personal blacklist of companies who left me hanging with no updates or BAD ones, or who had little sense of customer support. The product itself is only half of the matter. MOTU, Apple and Camel Audio are 3 examples of Getting It Right. Its funny how I keep buying from them and not the “trouble children.”

  4. Very true that Arturia throws new products into the market while their users are begging for updates and bugfixes. Is this wise business?

    But anyway, I downloaded the demo version and played it a little and I must say that I am disappointed. Basic sound does not match my idea of wurlitzer. And if it isn’t close enough I am afraid that tweaking it does not help much. With thousand parameters it normally easy to make weird variations of it, but idea is that developer should give close as possible replicant of the real thing. If they cannot make it (with first presets), I don’t bother buying the product and see if I can do it or not. This typical problem with modeling in general: you can make million variations of bad or wierd sound of modeled X, but can you have at least one good sound out of it?

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