MFB Dominion 5 Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

Here’s some early information on a new synth, the MFB Dominion 5, that’s expected to be released this summer.


  • 5 voices each with 3 VCOs, SED multimodefilter, 2 LFOs, 3 Envelopes, VCA.
  • One main LFO, Mod Delay, Voice Panning, Arpeggiator/Seq(poly),
  • Joystick, Ribbon Mod, Split Mode, Patch Memory,
  • 4 Octave Aftertouch Halfweighted Action Keyboard,
  • Big knobs and quality pots/sliders/Switches, Midi In/out/Thru, Some CV/Gate Connections,
  • Steel Chassis with Wooden Walnut Panels.

The price is expected to be 1790 Euro, via MFB. You can preview the sound of the MFB Dominion 5 above.


13 thoughts on “MFB Dominion 5 Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

  1. So does M Audio, luckily its acceptable and passable from mfb…they’re cheap, independant, and sound great…. anyone else wanna play the let’s state the obvious game?

  2. Oops, I clicked down on the build quality comment when I meant to click up. If your MFB gear breaks, good luck getting him to fix it under warranty. It’s a nightmare.

    1. Wow! I did not know you can either select a masculine or feminine form of the synth. So you got yourself a “guy” MFB and it did let you down… Sorry to hear this. By the way, the only object or thing that that is referred to as a person in English, is a sailing vessel. Sail boats are referred to as: “She”. 🙂

      I do agree that many instruments these days are not built to last. That is a bit of a shame.

      1. Ps. Aside from being a smart ass and correcting others, I can not wait for this thing to hit the market. We need more polyphonic analogue gear!

    1. I hate it when people cannot read… 780€ is the price for the dominion x and not for the dominion 5….
      Dominion x ist monophonic Synth and Dominion 5 is Polyphonic….

  3. MFB synths are incredibly refreshing! If you’re concerned with build quality, go buy a run of the mill synth and join forces with Juan Bon Jovi.

    MFB is a revolutionary force in sound and I hope they will continue to smash open new doors and slam moog, roland, and korg back to the shelves of guitar center.

    MFB easily captures the flavor of many different filters/sounds/eras. Sadly, the demos for the Dominion X are lacking…. MFB pleeeeeze post some!

  4. Why not let those who want to warn others of build quality issues? Have you ever had to deal with broken gear and poor customer service? I absolutely love the sound of MFB synths but have been putting off ordering one because of all these issues I read about. Complaints such as these help push for better manufacturing standards which can benefit all of us. Or are some of you tired of hearing about this topic? Remember there’s always new readers who have no idea about it.

  5. MFB synths sound like crap , the Dominion ‘s VCOs sound more like DCOs to me ( very reminisecent of the Waldorf pulse ) metallic as hell , the filter sounds good on the Dominnion , but when you open it , the crappy “DCO” sound goes through and ruins everything : you can hear it on the 6 DB setting in this demo , althouh there is a ton of distortion / overdrive happening that is masking the metallic sound .
    I guess this is less problematic on a poly synth than on a monosynth

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