UVI String Machines Review

UVI String Machines is a new software synth that recreates the sounds of classic string synths, including:

  • Korg Poly Ensemble PE2000 – Heavy synthesizer widely used by the pioneers of 70?s electronic music
  • Eko Stradivarius – Also called “the italian analog string processor”
  • Siel Orchestra – Orchestral synthesizer with 4 tweakable presets: Brass, Strings, Organ and Piano
  • Excelsior Strings Synthesizer K4 – Pretty rare string keyboard, introduced in 1975 by Elettronica Excelsior of Castelfidardo
  • Logan String Melody – Pure string synthesizer with great sound and three basic sounds: ‘Violin’, ‘Viola’ and ‘Cello’
  • Crumar Performer – Solid and fully polyphonic analog Strings and Brass machine
  • Elka Rhapsody\ – Violin, Cello and Strings with that classic and unique shimmering ensemble effect
  • Solina String Ensemble – No doubt, this is THE String Machine
  • Yamaha SS30 – Dual-oscillator classic string synthesizer full of wood
  • ROLAND RS-505 – Very famous machine combining strings, a basic polysynth and a bass section
  • ROLAND VP-330 – Known as a vocoder, it contains excellent sounding strings and choirs
In this video review, Russ Hughes takes a look at UVI String Machines:

UVI String Machines is available now for Mac & PC for $99.

If you’ve used UVI String Machines, let us know what you think of it!

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4 thoughts on “UVI String Machines Review

  1. They do – but most musicians want to be retro analogs and virtual versions of vintage gear….

  2. Why the need for something new?
    Unless it’s actually an improvement, there is no need for novelty for its own sake.

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