Hohner Multimonica I – Vacuum Tube Synthesizer From The 50’s

The “Hohner Multimonica” is a combined double-manual keyboard instrument consisting of a monophonic synthesizer (sawtooth oscillator, vacuum tube technology) and a polyphonic harmonium with fan-driven reeds. This electro-acoustic musical instrument comes from the German postwar era. It was produced in two main variants (“Multimonica I” later “Multimonica II”). The “Multimonica I” even had a built-in AM radio for local station reception. But there was also a version available without radio.

Its tube technology suggests that tthe Hohner Multimonica I was released in the1950s. The short newsreel report from 1952 in this video supports this fact.

Hohner modeled its musical instrument after an electro-acoustic instrument by the German company “Siegfried Mager & Co.” and the harmonium manufacturer Johannes Straube (“Mager-Straube-Kleinorgel”).

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