Can You Make A Finished Track In Ableton Live In 24 Hours?

Ableton has teamed up with SoundCloud and collaborated with some of their favorite artists for a new contest:

A free Live Pack featuring sounds from atmospheric pop titan M83, indie electronic stars Junior Boys, and LA beatmaker Nosaj Thing is available to all Live users from May 14th through May 28th. Use these loops, stems and presets to create a new, original track.

One catch: you only have 24 hours to create and submit your work.

The countdown starts with your download. Get your creative juices flowing and show us what you can do in just one day. After all entries have been submitted, the SoundCloud community and the artists themselves will choose the best tracks.

Prizes include a trip to Berlin, Ableton Suite with free upgrades for life, five years of a SoundCloud Pro Plus account and more.

See the Ableton site for details.

14 thoughts on “Can You Make A Finished Track In Ableton Live In 24 Hours?

  1. Couldn’t you just get a friend to download it, spend the full two weeks, sign up a day before under your account, and then submit your ‘one day’ product?

  2. there are so many holes in this offer… you don’t even need to involve a friend. I have multiple soundcloud accounts. I’m sure others do, too. Someone didn’t think this thorugh. At the end of the day, it’s just going to come down to what track fulfills the popular tastes of the community.

      1. Not when the the premise of this contest is an extreme time limit of 24 hrs. They just didn’t really consider their method of implimenting the time constraint. The easiest solution would be to narrow the download time to a single, certain day, and then institute a deadline 24 hours later.

        Personally, though, I think time constraints like the above are kind of dumb.

  3. I really the Junior Boys and M83 is good too. I have been looking forward to this contest.
    My Saturday is booked!

  4. I don’t know…. 24 hours? Seems a little silly to limit the time people can spend on the track to such extremes. Does a harsh time limit and a reasonable track, or even a great track make it better? I don’t think so. Not trolling here, but this kind of competition just doesn’t suit my workflow at all. I’m sure some of you gus will turn in some corkers though. Sigh…. If only I could work faster!

  5. Yay another Dub Step popularity contest…the guy at the top will continue to be at the top….as all internet music ranking work once you are at the top you get 80% of your plays and votes simply because you are at the top. So the person who gets the track in quickest who has 20 or thirty friends to vote on it wins the entire thing. I’ll do the download just for the samples….to see if there is anything cool I can add to my live stuff…

    1. A few days ago there was a comment about how electronic music maybe for some reason lacks the range of more traditional music.

      Your comment touches on that, and points out a possibility: For this contest, or just for fun, someone can try to push electronic to embrace a style I don’t think it really has tried to embrace–Janis Ian!

      Can electronic music do broken-heart folk sad girl angst? Has anyone ever even _considered_ sampling anything from Janis Ian’s “At Seventeen”:

      So remember those who win the game
      Lose the love they sought to gain
      In debentures of quality and dubious integrity

      Their small town eyes will gape at you
      In dull surprise when payment due
      Exceeds accounts received at seventeen

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