Livetronica Studio, A New DJ DAW (Sneak Preview)

Here’s a sneak preview of Livetronica Studio, a DJ style DAW for Mac & Windows.


  • independent loop tracks with all the functionality of any hardware looper
  • virtual turntables which can be scratched with mouse, timecoded vinyl or midi devices
  • beat splicing and bpm shifting on loops/turntables or master tempo
  • excellent, versatile midi learn function
  • infinite stacking on any loop
  • volume,pan,mute,solo for each loop independently
  • multiply, overwrite, append, stutter, reverse
  • tempo and pitch shifting
  • auto fade in/out
  • VST/AU hosting for effects and instruments
  • crossfade, grouping, intelligent turntable resyncing

Livetronica Studio is now in beta testing. You can download the beta and get more info at the Stagecraft Software site.

Check it out and let us know what you think about Livetronica Studio!

via musicradar

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