SoundPrism 2.5 Released – Here’s What’s New

Audanika has released an update to its iOS software synth, SoundPrism.

Here’s what’s new in SoundPrism 2.5:

  • ┬áRetina Support for the new iPad
  • MIDI-In: Control SoundPrism with other MIDI controllers and apps
  • Vastly improved MIDI-capabilities (local-off, dedicated Virtual-MIDI-ports, etc.)
  • Improvements in usabilty
  • Fullscreen Mode has been moved to the Settings App so it won’t be triggered by accident

Here’s the intro video for SoundPrism 2.5:

Note: SoundPrism is available in free and ‘Pro’ versions. See the SoundPrism site for details.

5 thoughts on “SoundPrism 2.5 Released – Here’s What’s New

  1. Picked this up the other day and it works really well as a midi controller. Not being that fluent in music theory its easy to experiment in different scales and the results sound like I know what I’m doing rather than randomly tapping away on the screen. Anyone know if you can change the start octave on the iphone version though?

    1. Tried it with animoog, sunrizer and addictive synth on my ipad1. It works best with addictive (an amazing synth on it’s own) by far.
      Unless you’re using all the midi capabilities of soundprism pro, i find it a little pricey for an upgrade. Especially at full price. (i got all three synths mentioned above for less than the price of SPpro.)

      Still, a cool app.

  2. Downloaded it last night and have been using it as a MIDI controller for Reason, Logic, and Reaktor via a wi-fi ad hoc network. Latency is basically unnoticeable, and creating chord progressions is a doddle. I’m very pleased. For a few bucks, I have a whole new way of interacting with my music software.

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