Dubstep Meets Prog In A Dark Alley…And Only Prog Emerges

Reader Jim McLaren let us know via Facebook about his latest video song synth jam, Vitriol.

Count our faces as melted! If dubstep met prog in a dark alley and got its ass kicked, it might sound a bit like this…..

If you like McLaren’s video song progtaculars, leave him a little love in the comments….

15 thoughts on “Dubstep Meets Prog In A Dark Alley…And Only Prog Emerges

  1. Yeah, but boards don’t hit back.

    Jim needs to have a face-to-face duel with DJ Shakey & Her VoltAxe Controller.

    “Whipping Post” at ten paces to decide it.

  2. Jim! You’re playing a Chapman Stick, too! That makes you even more golden, spud. Very sharp playing, oh yeah.

  3. Well, the Chapman Stick explains it all. [1]
    Bring a Chapman to the gig and no other music form than Prog will survive.

    It’s weird, but that’s what happens. It will eat the hearts of any kind of music and replace it with Prog.
    Even in this already prog-centered piece, after the Chapman is seen, the fast solo riffs take over the piece for a minute or more…

    Just tellin you as it is.

    [1] The weird guitar with too many strings where the bass strings are in the middle. Gorgeous tool.

  4. 5 stars. Want more. Loved it! H

    I would only change one small thing. I would like a softer snare with less pitch that is more 70’s. Otherwise, it was grooving. Does that show my age?

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