Cwejman Intros DP-1 Dynamic Processor

Cwejman has introduced a new Eurorack module, the DP-1 Dynamic Processor.

The DP-1 is a one knob compressor, with additional features for dynamic treatment of music material in ‘standard and some unique ways’.

The module consist of three main parts:

  • Compressor – The compressor is built around a high performance VCA circuit with low distortion and low noise floor. It has one RATIO controller, which compensates the signal loss at increased compression. It means that the low level signal is boosted and the high level signal is attenuated. The incoming signal passes the LEVEL INPUT controller and the outgoing signal is controlled by the OUTPUT GAIN. All parameters, such as the envelope follower (output ENV) with ATTACK and RELEASE, RATIO and OUTPUT GAIN are controllable manually by knobs and by CV inputs. The switch SOFT KNEE activates the function for gradual compression action.
  • Mute – The Mute (or squelch) circuit allows amplitude re-shaping in many ways for compressed or uncompressed audio signal. The muting circuit has four controllable parameters, TRESHOLD for activating the circuits at variable signal level, DEPTH for the muting process, from 0 to 72 dB deep, ATTACK and RELEASE controls for the muting process derived from the Gate.
  • Side Chain Filter – The side chain is the circuit which determinate the compression and mute action related to the frequency characteristic of the side chain filtering. A side chain with equalization controls can be used to reduce the volume of signals that have a strong spectral content within a certain frequency range. The built in side chain filter is a 12 dB/octave multi mode filter with low pass and high pass outputs.
Pricing and availability are to be announced.

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