Solvent’s Modular Encounters – A Sneak Preview Of The Modular Documentary, I Dream Of Wires

Here’s another sneak preview of the upcoming modular synthesizer documentary, I Dream Of Wires.

Canadian electronic artist Solvent (Jason Amm) created an all-modular synthesizer based soundtrack for the documentary. The challenge allowed him the opportunity to work with a vast array of modular synthesizers, both new and vintage.

In the video, you can see the array of modular synthesizers that he worked with in creating the soundtrack and to hear his thoughts on what he learned from the process.

Solvent has been releasing electronic music since 1997, encompassing IDM, electro, and synthpop. Solvent is also co-founder of the electro(nica) label, Suction Records.

All of the music heard in this video segment was created by Solvent during several on-camera album recording sessions. No drum machines, samples, or hardwired synthesizers were used; each and every sound was created from scratch on the following selection of modular synthesizer systems: Eurorack, Modcan,, and Moog 15.

In addition to creating the film’s soundtrack, Amm is writer and producer of the documentary.

3 thoughts on “Solvent’s Modular Encounters – A Sneak Preview Of The Modular Documentary, I Dream Of Wires

  1. So this guy is the writer and producer of the documentary, and he commissioned himself to write the soundtrack? Did this involve lawyers on both sides? What if he doesn’t like the result? Will he sue himself?

  2. RE: MirlitronOne — My involvement in the film grew over time. Initially I was just being interviewed for the film, then it came up about me doing the soundtrack… We both live in Toronto and I just kept helping the director Robert out more and more, giving him suggestions, offering ideas, discussing the film’s potential direction, etc, and now here we are 6 months later and I am working with him closely on most aspects of his film. I’m prepared to fire myself if the soundtrack turns out subpar! (Nnot too worried that will be the case though)

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