Spectrasonics’ Eric Persing Releases 78 OmniSphere Patches To Honor Bob Moog’s 78th Birthday

In honor of the anniversary of Bob Moog’s 78th birthday, Spectrasonics has released 78 new Omnisphere patches for the Bob Moog Tribute Library.

The new ‘birthday’ patches were created by Spectrasonics founder Eric Persing. With the new patches, the tribute library now features over 800 sounds for Omnisphere.

Here’s what they have to say about the new patches:

The new patches are a continuation of our tribute to the legacy of synthesizer pioneer Dr. Robert Moog and support the ongoing work of the Bob Moog Foundation.

Last year, we produced the Tribute library with the generosity and creative talents of many renowned synthesizer artists, and it’s been a huge success in benefiting the Foundation allowing them to expand their educational outreach programs.

The update is a free download for owners of the Tribute Library. See the Spectrasonics site for details. If you’re not an owner, it’s available for $100, and 100% of the proceeds go to benefit the Bob Moog Foundation.

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