iPhone Jailbreak Tweak For iPad Camera Connection Kit Support, iPhone USB MIDI

This pair of videos, via iosmusician, demonstrates a jailbreak hack that allows Camera Connection Kit support on the iPhone & iPod touch.

The first video, above, shows the hack being used to support an Oxygen 49 USB MIDI controller. The second, below, demonstrates using an Apogee One audio interface.

Check out the demos and let us know what you think. Is Camera Connection Kit support something you’d jailbreak your device for? And should Apple support this on the iPhone, out-of-the-box?


The project is currently in beta and is looking for iOS kernal experts. See the iConnectionKit blog to follow the project.

8 thoughts on “iPhone Jailbreak Tweak For iPad Camera Connection Kit Support, iPhone USB MIDI

  1. Apple used to support this out of the box. I wonder why they removed support for the CCK on those devices.

  2. Thisis the best news I heard all year. I hope the SD card part will work too. This and iFile will be beastly. My iPhone will get a lot more use now.

  3. Apple just dropped support on deviced who drains more current than (if I remember correctly) 10mA. Because they don’t want to discharge your iPhone/iPad battery that fast. A workaround is using a active USB hub.

    So no need for a jailbreak for this…

  4. Actually, Jan G. If you plug the CCK into an iPhone you will get an error message immediately, regardless of plugging in any USB device.

    These videos are from March and something is fishy about their production. Furthermore, they have not updated anything since March, nor have they released any code. Finally, they claim that it is possible with the iPhone 3G and 3GS, when those two devices have different USB busses than the iPad / iPhone 4. The 3G and 3GS are not USB capable – the lines for USB hosting are dedicated to line-in audio (which was removed in the iPad and iPhone 4 for USB hosting). This is evidence enough in my book to call fake.

    I’m not saying that it’s not possible. The iOS 5 Betas had the capability. I’m just saying that it’s unlikely that they’ve actually done it.

    My hope is that Apple will return the capability with iOS 6.

  5. It looks like it’s now been done, but as I suspected, not by the iConnectionKit team. On Cydia, you can now buy a tweak called CameraConnector. I don’t know if SD card support is there, but audio and MIDI device support is.

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