Apple Buys Redmatica – Are Better Sampling Tools Coming To Logic & GarageBand?

apple buys redmatica softwareApple has bought Italian audio software company Redmatica, creator of sample management tools, according to reports.

Apple hasn’t released an official announcement on the acquisition and probably won’t.

Redmatica makes several sample management tools, including:

  • Keymap Pro – a sampled instruments editor for EXS24, Kontakt3 and 4, Structure and Reason NNXT formats.
  • AutoSampler – an app that lets you automatically created sampled instruments from MIDI synths.
  • ProManager – a sample library management tool.
  • GBSamplerManager –  a Mac application for managing, creating and editing instruments for the Sampler Instrument in GarageBand for iPad and iPhone.

Apple rarely makes acquisitions, which raises the question: Why are they interested in Redmatica? Will they be bring better sampling tools to Logic Pro and GarageBand? Or will they just kill off Redmatica’s support for competing sampled instrument formats?

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19 thoughts on “Apple Buys Redmatica – Are Better Sampling Tools Coming To Logic & GarageBand?

  1. I was kind of hoping Apple would buy Teenage Engineering and make the OP-1 an “Apple synth” and bring the price down a little by replacing all the metal avionic-grade parts with Apple-quality plastics.

    >Will they be bring better sampling tools to Logic Pro and GarageBand? Or will they just kill off Redmatica’s support for competing sampled instrument formats?

    There once was a great product called “Object Logo” — a Mac version of the Logo programming language. Powerful. Easy to use. Amazing. But Apple wanted to position Hypercard as the do-everything tool for easy programming. So Apple bought the company that made Object Logo and just made it disappear for a few years. By the time developers could bring it back to market with a new company, all the excitement was in the Hypercard market and nobody much cared about Logo anymore and now it’s just a memory.

    I don’t know about Redmatica. With Apple, it can be either extreme. They can make you famous, or disappear.

  2. I think at long last Apple is going to update and expand EXS24, and add sampling power to Garageband. I use Redmatica apps quite a bit. I’m more concerned what this means for existing Redmatica owners.

      1. Tiger got to hunt, bird got to fly
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    1. So? I “hate” Bill Gates, bell peppers and TV commercials that jump the volume 6 db all the bloody time, but I don’t see them going away. I can keep using Macs, avoid the peppers and keep wearing away the label on the MUTE buttons, especially on websites whose pushy commercials are getting as bad as TV itself. CLICK CLICK, Problems solved! :))

  3. This has to be for inclusion in Logic Pro/Garageband – which is a good thing suggesting future enhancements to Logic etc. Clearly a subset of the software produced by Redmatica is extremely compatible. I just hope that they maintain the automatic sampling software for all sampler plugins but I can’t see them doing that – it will become Logic only.

  4. To me, this is one of the obvious bad sides to a company being too big, and too powerful– it swallows competition. Whether it makes Redmatica go away or it integrates it into Logic/GB, it is still now going to be part of apple. Cheaper? Probably.

    The saddest part about the behemoth that is Apple is that consumers purchase hardware that coerces them into their store for software and media. No one asks the big question.

      1. Really? We gotta do this?

        Ok, the big question, which is: “Is it good for people, business, culture, society to have giant corporations controlling everything.”

        And no, I don’t read minds.

        Still, it is a worthwhile question. Perhaps it is an uncomfortable question.

    1. Nonsense. The company barely made 100.000 pounds last year. They were tiny and apt to be bought by any number of companies, big or small. At least with Apple, based on their previous purchases, they’ll keep advancing it while also dramatically the price (or integrating it for free in existing products).

  5. I commented on this once elsewhere, so I’ll briefly repeat that Autosampler has performed like a champion for me. I got great customer support and it will do far MORE than I needed of it, even though you can sample in fine detail and build an item like a super-sensitive piano. I’ve saved my old hardware as EXS files and far better off for it. I seriously doubt that Apple will kill off its ability to make Kontakt and Reason files; those are powerful attractions. I’m banking on them being savvy enough to use Redmatica as a serious asset and merely streamline the Mac side, at most. I’m looking on this move positively, because both companies have served my needs in a 5-star fashion.

  6. When Apple bought Emagic they killed all PC support along with SoundDiver. The chances of Apple supporting Kontakt or Reason is pretty slim.

  7. Odd indeed, Email from Andrea: “After eight wonderful years of developing creative sampling tools, I have decided to close Redmatica to pursue other interests. Thank you for all your patronage!”

    Did Apple get the code, but not the coders? That would be Bad, sigh.

    1. Very likely, in Andrea’s NDA, he is not allowed to discuss his further involvement with the software atm. That could easily be code for “I’m working for Apple now”. Much as apple brought on the emagic team, so it will likely be with Andrea. UNLESS they have been developing similar features on their own and just want to kill any competing product lines.

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