Electronic Music In Thailand – Montonn Jira Interview

Tweakers is a on-going documentary project that focuses on artists, musicians, engineers, filmmakers, or anyone dedicated to ‘tweaking the future of Thailand’.

This episode features Thai actor Montonn Jira:

Jay Montonn who has deep knowledges in music production and electronic music gears. Aside from being a famous actor, he’s also a remarkable artist in Thailand’s electronic music scene.

Montonn (Jay) Jira : is best known for his multi-genre crossing productions and forward thinking performances. Having studied music composition and production abroad, he has also expanded his knowledge into sound design for music and film, and has returned to Thailand as “The Producer” to watch out for.

25 thoughts on “Electronic Music In Thailand – Montonn Jira Interview

  1. Great, you can tell from the layout of his studio that this is a musician and not just a producer. I wish I had such a nice sprace to put my stuff.

  2. Rich kid with great gear and not much talent. He knows what he’s talking about technically but his music and performance sucks! It’s crap, there is no real substance here.

    What a waste of gear.

    1. rich kid or not he seems like a cool/nice dude with good taste in gear. would you prefer someone well off to blow money on beamers instead of moogs?

      and talented or not is just your opinion. your opinion might fill blog comment space, but it isnt making songs and videos, is it?

    2. awww…. poor little princess is jealous. how cute!

      trent reznor was a rich kid, too, no? What does being rich have to do with anything anyway? The bio said he’s a well known actor in Thailand. Personally, I think it’s cool he blew his money on gear in the pursuit of creativity. He seems a like a really pleasant guy, too.

        1. Damn, dude. You don’t even know who I am. That’s an impressive talent you got there for accessing people you don’t even know… or you just have self esteem issues. You have some nice gear, but someone could apply the same critique to your music and your video as you applied to Jira’s. It ain’t no Too Dark Park, imho.

          I don’t understand where all this venom is coming from. It seems to me we should be encouraging each other, rather than tearing each other down.

    3. he is a failed thai actor, who is very low on the celeb list – he made one lakorn (soap opera) back in the day, then moved on to music. a real diva compared to other thai actors. i find others far more inspiring, and talented.

  3. this was interesting to me because he appears to be an eletronic musician near my age who by the look of his studio seems to have similar ideas as myself. i like what he said about imperfect machines and how they can be out of tune sometimes and that it helps give ideas. i also noticed a casio pt 1 maybe on the shelf while he was talking about mics, i have a casio pt 30 that i process through my electribe and it sounds absolutely beautiful!

  4. I don’t think anyone should be ‘tweaking’ in Thailand at all. I believe they call it Ya-Ba hand have a huge problem with ith. sheesh

  5. Kob Koon Krob! Aroy… Aroy Mah! (Sorry, my Thai is a bit rusty and never was too good to begin with)

    Very nice video. Great to see how other cultures interpret electronic music!

  6. This clip made my day. What a cool cat this guy is! I love how his studio isn’t crammed with gear of all sorts for the sake of making it look more than what it is, but rather a selection of really classy top-shelf units. Very neat and tidy too. I could get a lot of work done in a place like that.

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  8. jesus, some nasty haters out there… mntn… good job getting notice.thailand is slowly on the em worldmap at least you earn all that gears using yr talents and if they check yr resume, they would know that you kick asses.

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