Emulator Modular 1.2 Now Available For $99

Smithson Martin has updated its Emulator Modular application – a platform for building multi-touch MIDI control interfaces for touchscreen computers. Emulator Modular is also available for $99, through June 4th.


  • Convert your multi-touch device into a powerful MIDI controller.
  • Build your ‘dream interface’. Emulator includes a complete list of objects so you can custom design your own multi-touch interface with buttons, sliders, circular knobs and jog wheels.
  • Share custom templates with the Emulator community and benefit from templates and experience of our other users.
  • Add multi-touch capability to your preferred DJ, VJ or Music Production software.
  • Emulator Modular supports resolutions from 1024×760 to Full HD (1920×1080.
  • Prebuild layouts available for Traktor, Ableton Live and other popular apps.
  • Emulator for Traktor (FT) is available for free when you buy the lifetime license.

Here’s a demo of building a custom interface with Emulator Modular:

2 thoughts on “Emulator Modular 1.2 Now Available For $99

  1. $500 dollars for an ipad $100 for this. sorry but for that kinda cash i would rather get a hardware synth or something.

  2. Emulator Modular doesn’t run on iOS so you don’t need to worry about spending 500 dollars on an iPad.

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