New Synth – Elby Designs AVR Synth

This is a quick demo of a synth DIY project from Elby Designs, AVR Synth.

The AVR SYNTH is a monophonic synth based designed by Jarek Ziembicki. The synthesis architecture is simple: two DCO’s, a DCF, and a DCA. There is also an LFO and an AR/ASR envelope generator.

It’s available in several DIY and prebuilt options. See the Elby site for details.

via DJjondent

6 thoughts on “New Synth – Elby Designs AVR Synth

  1. It is digitally controlled analog circuitry, not all digital VA. It gives you higher stability and control over analog components…

    1. It is not an analog circuit, just look at the schematic. It consists of power circuit, MIDI circuit, switch scanner, microcontroller and resistor ladder DAC. That’s all. So, it is a completely VA synth.

  2. wait, Im wrong, wait. I am confused by its architecture… Why are they referred to as digitally conTROLLED components as opposed to digital components??

  3. It’s a 100% digital synth. The audio is generated within the microcontroller and output through a simple R2R DAC. The MeeBlip extended this architecture by adding a much better filter with resonance, dual envelopes, PWM, anti-aliased waveforms and full MIDI control.

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