The Fyrd Instruments MIDI Control Platform

MIDI Control Platform

The Fyrd Instruments MIDI Control Platform is a hardware device designed to handle MIDI data.

By combining the interface of the MIDI Control Platform with the power of software modules, the MIDI Control Platform is capable of doing almost anything you want with MIDI data. Fyrd says that you will be able to turn your MIDI Control Platform into sequencers, controllers, MIDI effects and more. Each new module is a new way of producing MIDI data with the MIDI Control Platform.

The MCP can control many parameters depending on the “context” displayed on the LCD screen. Rather than the direct manipulation of parameters, the manipulation of the graphical elements, supplied by the module software embedded inside the MIDI Control Platform, provides evolving capabilities to the MIDI Control Platform.

The MIDI Control Platform Hardware

Made with wood (poplar) and laser-cut aluminum, the enclosure of the MIDI Control Platform makes it a solid yet portable solution for live performance and home studio.

The MIDI Control Platform is USB powered and fully compliant with MIDI over USB standard: no driver installation is needed – the MIDI Control Platform is a true plug-and-play device.

The MIDI Control Platform Software

The Harmonic Music Generator is the first module available for the MIDI Control Platform.

It is a new kind of sequencer, based on harmonic rules of music. The idea behind the Harmonic Music Generator is simple: you can focus on patterns and musical phrases while the Harmonic Music Generator takes care of the overall harmony of your track.

The Harmonic Music Generator can harmonize up to 3 different voices through 3 independent 16-step sequencers:

  • A bass-line sequencer with a choice of 3 different pitches
  • A chord sequencer with 7 combinations of 1, 2 or 3 pitches
  • A melody sequencer with a choice of 7 different pitches

For each of these sequencers, you can independently control:

  • The sequence of notes (instant randomization)
  • The velocity profile of the sequence (downbeat, syncopation, flat and random modes)
  • The overall length of the sequencer (1 to 16 steps)
  • The relative speed of the sequencer (2 times slower to 4 times faster)

The harmonization itself can be edited through its own 16-step sequencer:

  • Choose among 120 different harmonic structures
  • Create harmonic variation within the same harmonic structure
  • Rapidly change the overall “feel” of your track without affecting the musical structure of the voices

Other features:

  • Each sequencer (bass, chord, melody) produces MIDI notes on its own MIDI channel
  • The Harmonic Music Generator can send MIDI Clock to synchronize with your DAW
  • Transport functions (Play / Stop) directly available on the MIDI Control Platform

The MIDI Control Platform looks like a very interesting platform. No mention is made of it being open, though, so we’d like to see the hardware ship with an app and also to see a richer variety of applications available.

The MIDI Control Platform is available now. See the Fyrd site for details.


  • MIDI Control Platform: 180EUR
  • HMG Module: 20EUR

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8 thoughts on “The Fyrd Instruments MIDI Control Platform

  1. The idea of a well-made hardware MIDI app platform is really interesting.

    But where are the apps and why is this better than an iPod touch with a MIDI interface? I do think there can be benefits to dedicated hardware like this, but they should spell that out – and at least have a couple of apps available.

    This seems like something that would need to be an open platform for it to take off.

    1. Hi there,

      Just a word to say that you’re totally right: the MIDI Control Platform was designed to be an open platform (open hardware AND open firmware). The main goal is to make a simple platform with people making and exchanging their own modules (firmwares). We are almost ready to release the hardware part of the MCP but the firmware part still must be worked (make some libraries, comments code, …).
      Hope you will enjoy it as much as we do !

      Fyrd Instruments

  2. I bought one last week. I’m having a lot of fun playing with it. And the Fyrd crew are super fast with coding requested changes to the modules. Originally you could only slave your DAW to the MCP, I asked them to make it slavable to DAW, next day they sent me a beta OS with that function. There are things I would definitely like to see changed, and they’ve been very receptive to those changes, huge potential here!

  3. Well thank you Isaac for this comment ! I swear it’s not us who let this message 😉

    The MCP has MIDI DINs i/o now ! You can plug it directly into your favorite synth hardware and use our nice modules to make music (still USB powered) !

    We also made a new module named Euclid which generate euclidean rhythms.

    Guess what ? Still the same price !!!

  4. i have a real problem with your product, i would like to buy one but i can’t find any video or real test of it.
    everytime i found a “review” of the MCP, like here, it’s just a “copy/paste” from fyrd website…
    it’s like no one has really had one in hand…

    fyrd website really miss demonstrations of the MCP, if it’s a real product…

  5. Hopefully for all the MCP users, it’s a real product! More seriously, we have ordered a shruti from Mutable Instruments and a Meeblip from CDM editor Peter Kirn and we will make some videos (hands-on and tutorials) as soon as they arrive. Keep connected !

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