Free Browser-Based Modular Synthesizer, WebModular

Want to get your modular on in your web browser?

g200kg has released WebModular, a free browser-based modular synthesizer:

WebModular is a simple modular software synthesizer, written in HTML 5 + Javascript. Realtime sound generation with javascript.

While an interesting proof of concept, WebModular suffers from limitations that plague most browser-based music software. Most notably, it runs like your computer is 10 years older than it really is.

Is there a future for browser-based music software? Check this out and let us know what you think!

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5 thoughts on “Free Browser-Based Modular Synthesizer, WebModular

  1. More like 15-20 years I’d say.

    10 years ago we had Reason and Live, and 14 years ago we had ReBirth. ;-p

    Too bad JavaScript audio is currently only in the nightly builds of Safari. Hopefully at WWDC tomorrow they’ll announce that the next Safari update supports it and is available immediately ! 😀

  2. The Law of Everybody Must Buy The Same Machine Every 3 Years applies:
    As soon as computers are good enough to play decent quality video under System X, it is immediately abolished and replaced by System X+1, which uses 3 times as much CPU and memory to do the same thing.
    After hand-coded assembler, handcoded C, then C++, then C++ with Java glue code, C++ with Javascript glue code (Flash), and now Javascript proper.

    Now all office applications, games and finally softsynths are rewritten by Google &co in a form that uses the same amount of memory and CPU microcode that was exerted in a hard working week’s time 12 years ago, just to show the splash screen of the application.

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