Livid Elements Modular Eurorack MIDI Controller (Schwing!)

Livid Instruments has officially introduced Livid Elements, a completely modular MIDI controller platform.

With the Livid Elements system, you can create a custom controller layout by selecting and combining the modules that you need. Each module connects to the Elements Brain for plug-and-play configuration and setup.

Elements modules are housed in custom Eurorack cases for plug and play integration.

Here’s a sneak preview:

Modules start at around $100 and complete systems at about $650.

If you’ve used a Livid Elements controller, let us know what you think of it!

17 thoughts on “Livid Elements Modular Eurorack MIDI Controller (Schwing!)

  1. hell ya! there last brain release was no good for me, i want to BUY these things, not BUILD them. They must have been sick of all my emails!!! Love the vid.

  2. Schwing indeed! I actually think that Livid priced this thing rather well. It looks sexy, like a good instrument should. I am filled with a deep desire to play it after watching that video, I want to touch those knobs!

  3. Is there a way to integrate Eurorack synth modules? I’d really a top row of controllers and and the bottom to be filters, lfos, etc….

  4. It’s a cool concept, but these don’t work with euro power source, nor do they have a built in cv converter. Where exactly is the modular integration? 3U? You can buy a much better controller, (from this very company), for much less.

  5. that’s what I was wondering (about the power)… I don’t want to use the livid stuff to control a modular… i want the bottom row to control my Silent way plugin while the synth sits up top… would be cool, right?

  6. Love the concept, but I agree the modules seem overpriced, I mean $100 for 4 arcade buttons, you’re kidding right? My guess is that the pricing is this way because there is no real competition in this particular market sector.

  7. Besides being in the same case, I do not see integration between the midi controller and eurorack. those modules can’t control a single euro module besides a midi to cv converter module. Even then what are you going to use it for? A trigger, or a very inflexible cv source?

    This makes me want to create a euro piggy bank module, that takes loose change and saves it for you to buy more modules. It will fit in the case and cost roughly $200 USD. What do you guys think? any interested parties?

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