Get Arturia Minimoog V For Free!

Arturia has announced that it will be giving away a special version of Minimoog-V on June 21st Only.

Arturia’s agreement with Moog Music to sell a Moog-branded virtual instrument is ending, so they’re going to update and rename Moog Modular V and Minimoog V as Modular V and Mini-V.

The free version of Minimoog-V Original offers 1,000 presets and features from the latest Minimoog- V update (Version 2.5), but without the additional functionality accessible behind the ‘hinged’ front panel — just like the original Minimoog.

via: aymat

19 thoughts on “Get Arturia Minimoog V For Free!

  1. Dear Synthtopia and Arturia,
    I always enjoyed the sound, effects and music made from a Moog synthesizer makes, as Moog was always the industry standard. I remember years ago all of the major bands in the sixties and seventies used Moog synthesizers and the phenomenal music they made with them. I really believe Moog is the best. I would love the special version of MiniMoog-V by Moog Music. What an honor to use the Moog brand synthesizer the greatest bands had used. I would really appreciate it.

    Debbie Giragosian

    1. arturia uses stein berg elicenser. unlike the ilock key the licenser has an electronic version able to keep licenses on computer hard driver. if you already own the licenser key you can transfer the file on that drive.

  2. Even if it is free, since they are only releasing it for 24 hours, let’s assume that they want to continue to copy-protect it. So the question is how will they do this. They can choose iLock (if that is how they usually do it). Or they can have the software create a unique challenge code based on the computer’s serial number (or however that works)– which is sent in and an unlock code is given for that specific machine. Or maybe some other way. I’m reluctant to get an iLock, since I’ve managed to avoid it for all these years.

  3. This is incredible. Very pleased to hear it. I’ve been using a freeware Minimoog clone (made in synthmaker) and while it has sounded ok, it’s nothing like Arturias’. The missing back panel is of little interest since you can arpeggiate and do interesting things to the instrument track with what you already got in your DAW.

    1. Yeah you’re right! These people should pay you to use their products as you are clearly the most competent reference.

    2. If you can’t make something creative and cool sounding with this software, you should just hang it up.

  4. i will piss people off with this probably but owning the arturia collection i can say i am baffled how inert this company is, especially gui wise. the usability of the synths is horrible imo and with the increasing screen resolutions is getting worse. the sounds are ok, best one imo being the arp emulation but i came to realize that for music making the interface is the key aspect, and with the v collection it´s just ridiculous. no fun at all. and if its not fun…the modular v is just a cruel joke.

  5. “without the additional functionality accessible behind the ‘hinged’ front panel”.
    can someone please explain to me what this exactly means? what functions from the normal version are excluded in the free version?

  6. Pretty peeved, received no email with an authorisation key, nor any response to my request. Plus it was plagued with copycat scam emails within minutes. One of the worst attempts at giving someone for nothing I have ever experienced! Having said that, it’s pretty poor from what I read sometime afterwards, so I probably saved myself some time!

  7. This Arturia Minimoog V Original sounds surprisingly good! I am very impressed! I will never understand the hate and the bashing of Arturia’s softsynths.

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