Bizarre ‘Digital Puppet Instrument’

This is an introduction to Keromin & Kokeromin, a pair of ‘digital puppet instruments’.

Keromin is played by opening the puppet’s mouth to vary the pitch. Rhythm and volume can also be controlled, using switches on the puppet’s arms.

Keromin runs on four AA batteries, and it can deliver an audio output. There’s a speaker built into Keromin’s belly, too.

“You can also vary the pitch with one puppet. If you flick the switch, you get a fixed sound when the mouth is open. So, you can set each puppet to make a different sound, and play them like hand-bells. Basically, there are two versions. The big one here is Keromin, and the little one with a speaker is called Kokeromin.”

Keromin is priced at 49,875 yen, or $620, and Kokeramin at 9,980 yen, or $125.


4 thoughts on “Bizarre ‘Digital Puppet Instrument’

  1. The biggest failure of this puppet is that it does not make dubstep bass sounds when opening its mouth.


    english-japanese-english translation:

    The biggest obstacle of this doll is that it does not so that the bass of dubstep that when you open the mouth.

  2. I give them an A+ for enthusiasm and team spirit. These people don’t have a use for the dubstep because they aren’t cynical salesmen. No, they’re puppet people.

    And yes Mh, Asian and European languages are very different and i guarantee you sound hi-larious when you attempt Japanese.

    1. Does anyone know how to contact these wonderful people ?
      I know this was posted years ago , but I’ve just seen this and fallen in Love.
      I just have to bring one to England !

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