MIDI Controller Jacket (Sneak Preview)

Machina’s MIDI Controller Jacket is a wearable musical interface.

This video features Moi from Los Macuanos demonstrating the MIDI Controller Jacket. Then he talks with MACHINA’s electronic artist Leslie Garcia about his conception of interacting with music using the jacket.

Machina plans to sell the jacket in two different colors, with and without the technology, through www.machina.cc.

What do you think of the idea of using your clothing as a MIDI controller?

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4 thoughts on “MIDI Controller Jacket (Sneak Preview)

  1. With that controller so focused on right arm motion I’m really surprised why he didn’t incorporate a guido fist pump gesture….

  2. Some painful editing in the video. “Nothing’s happening! Quick! Cut back and forth really quickly to make it exciting!” “There’s no sound right now, throw in crackles!”

    My issues with the video almost translate to my issues with the jacket. Although the concept is lovely, they seem to be more concerned with achieving a stylized effect, rather than something with genuine utility.

    I mean, even little things, like the fact all the accelerometer and “flex” sensors seem to be located in the right arm, the arm conveniently attached to most people’s dominant hand. This would make tweaking knobs or something quite challenging to do without sending off stray midi signals.

    I really just wish “experimental interfaces” would take a step back from accelerometers and similar sensors. Not to say they have no place in controllers, but they’re quite hard to integrate in a manner that doesn’t limit the ability of your controller to be used in a precise manner.

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