Erik Norlander Performs Neurosaur, Live in Gettysburg

Sunday Synth Jam: Erik Norlander performs Neurosaur, live in Gettysburg, PA.

Performed live at RoSFest 2011, with Freddy DeMarco (g), Mark Matthews (b) and Nick LePar (d).

From the 2012 DVD, Erik Norlander – The Galactic Collective: Live in Gettysburg released by Gonzo Multimedia UK and Think Tank Media USA in June, 2012.

4 thoughts on “Erik Norlander Performs Neurosaur, Live in Gettysburg

  1. that was awesome, great performance, and i loved hearing the Andromeda, but they seem a bit mechanical, and need to move around more, they were a bit stiff.

    that guy had everything + an ipad up there.

  2. Andromeda + Voyager?!?!? Unfair!!
    Hmm, perhaps this kind of music should never have gone out of style after all!

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