The RP Electronics SEQ12 Matrix Sequencer

The RP Electronics SEQ12 is a hardware sequencer for MIDI Data.


  • A streamlined User interface, powered by 219 illuminated Buttons
  • 12 Tracks, each playing one of 16 Sequences
  • Tracks can be monophonic, polyphonic or special drum mode
  • Special Views for Notes, Chords, Modulations, Velocities, Accents, Drums, Shuffle etc.
  • Free chains of Sequences, organised in 8 Parts of a Song
  • 2 free Controllers and Shufflepattern per Track and Sequence
  • 3 Outputs, 1 Input – connect a MIDI keyboard or Controller for realtime recording
  • 32 Songs storage in internal Memory, SYSEX backups
  • Everything is visible and editable while running the Machine

Here’s a video demo:

Video details:

4 Track Demo showing mute/unmute of Tracks in JAM-Mode
Pattern editing of the Drumtrack, editing of the Shuffle-Pattern of the Drumtrack, Different Views of the Chordline including Basenote, Chord, Length of Note… all in SEQ-Mode

See the RP Electronics site for details.

9 thoughts on “The RP Electronics SEQ12 Matrix Sequencer

    1. Not sure if you thought that ‘FAIL’ comment through.

      What sort of CV connections would you want to have on a hardware sequencer that does 12 polyphonic channels? You’re talking about adding a minimum of 24 jacks, plus the electronics. This makes a lot more sense to handle separately, since everybody’s needs are going to be different.

    1. €3600 woof thats alot of euros how many monomes plus laptop +max/msp or whatever could u buy for that also throw in an octatrack

  1. it’s like a Roland MV-8800, except it doesn’t sample. no effects, no multi-tracking, no VGA output, with 100+ less tracks, no pads, no variable swing, and costs 3x more, etc… I don’t get it. Does it do something cool that I’m unaware of????

  2. So twelve tracks each with 16 channels isn’t cool? Yes, the price is total crackpipe and they need to lower their manufacturing costs, but id still love to have one. Of course, id still rather rock an RM1X. Now if only they weren’t so cheaply made….

  3. Since tactile feedback isn’t critical here, this could be realized a lot cheaper as a software for touchscreen devices.

  4. dear guys, this one drives max. 12 midi devices or more, i.e. an xbase, synth, sampler, reaktor,
    midi controllable fx and such with super low latency. route 2 polyphonic tracks to a microwave and hear what happens.. it hasn’t been build for controlling modular equipment. plz get in contact for actual prize.

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