Lustmord Interview

In this episode of the DubSpot Wireless interview series, Brian Williams, a.k.a. Lustmord, sits down with Raz Mesinai f.k.a. Badawi for an interview that touches on experimental and extreme creative processes in electronic music, sound design and composition techniques, live performances, visual composition, and more.

Brian Williams is a British electronic musician, composer, sound designer, and visual artist. He started his recording career in the early 80’s, when he joined the industrial and noise band SPK. Williams is best known for his work in the industrial and dark ambient genres. As Lustmord, Williams has remixed and collaborated with bands such as Tool, Coil, The Melvins, and Isis. Williams has also worked in sound design for film and television, lending his expertise to The Crow, Underworld, Tank Girl and Spawn.

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3 thoughts on “Lustmord Interview

  1. Lustmord always seemed the kind of guy that would be interviewed drinking goat’s blood out of a golden chalice. That’s what I think of when I listen to a lot of his music. However, he seem’s nice and approachable.

  2. Mr Williams,

    my name is josh gonzalez, im 19 years old and I’m currently about to enter into my second year of college and i finally figured out what i want to go to school for. i want to learn computers and learn how to create a light show for electronic music. A good friend of mine is currently creating his own music and I’m extremely interested in learning to create the most unique light show possible. please email me @ [email protected]

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