Kebu – Michael’s Anthem

Sunday Synth Jam: This is the music video for Kebu’s Michael’s Anthem, from his debut album, To Jupiter And Back.

Gear used includes: Roland TR-808; Korg Mono/Poly, M500, Polysix, Poly-61 and PE-2000.

Technical details below:

This tune was recorded using only a 4 track cassette recorder and a drum machine triggering arpeggios on the synths. No sequencers or computers used (except for mastering). Only analog synths and analog drum sounds used. First, the track was programmed into the drum machine. The three trigger outputs were used for clocking (giving rhythms) to the arpeggiators. Then, the backing track was played back and the arpeggiators played (chords or notes). This was submixed into two tracks (stereo) on the cassette deck. The melody lines and solos were overdubbed using the two remaining tracks. The last additions (noise bursts, doubling of the C-part) were added during mixdown of the song.

6 thoughts on “Kebu – Michael’s Anthem

  1. I loved this track and video! It had everything…great melodies and harmonies, emotion, cleverly shot and edited, even some synth p0rn (the synths not Mr Kebu 😉 I would buy this track.

  2. This guy is good, even if some of it sounds like a bit of a “tribute” album. I can’t help but wonder if most of the musical styles I like have become museum pieces like these beautiful-sounding vintage synths… ;-(

    Perhaps surprisingly given my slight disappointment with erasure’s attempts at 2010 dance-pop and the minimalist VCMG tracks, my favorite Kebu songs are the ones with a more contemporary style… but still performed on the vintage gear!

  3. On behalf of Synthtopia, I think we should get Mr. Kebu some cleaning materials for his synthesizers which seem to be coated in a layer of Finnish dust.

  4. Listening to this song makes me feel like I’m flying over sun washed clouds atop Falcor “The Luck Dragon”.

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