Akai SynthStation 3.0 For iOS

Akai has released SynthStation 3.0, a major update to their virtual studio for iOS.

Here’s what Akai has to say about the update:

SynthStation v3.0 is all about streamlined workflow. You’ll find a totally refreshed user interface that’s easy to navigate and instinctual to use. Optimized for the larger screen of your iPad, the new UI spreads out the controls, dramatically reduces the need to shuffle through menus, and lays out all the synth parameters on a single screen. The leading music production app just got more powerful.


  • Three virtual-analog synthesizers, each with three oscillators
  • More than 50 drum kits, plus a built-in sequencer
  • Create melodic and accompaniment parts using arpeggiator with preset patterns
  • Core MIDI-compatible: works with any Core MIDI device as a synth module on your iOS device
  • Real-time recording
  • Unlimited creativity with effects and filters
  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

Akai SynthStation 3.0 is currently $1.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used Akai SynthStation, let us know what you think of it!

21 thoughts on “Akai SynthStation 3.0 For iOS

  1. such an improvement! this has been a long time coming, but they must be smoking crack if they thought the previous version was ‘the leading music production app’

    anyway.. very happy with the new layout. shame the pads don’t have groups, so closed hat doesn’t cancel out open hat

  2. So iPhone got nothing! It took a year to just fix the iPad versions gui and thats all!?! At least the iPhone could have had knobs instead of spacey sliders(now it has 3 pages for just oscillators!!!) if they are not going to add any actual synthesizer features.

    You have to try harder than that, if you are trying to use Micron/Miniak and “leading iOS synthesizers” in your PR bull shit!!!

  3. Well bullshit, I was hoping that they REALY improve this app, because, in fact – I like the presets and the arp a lot! Great for electro/ebm!
    But the app is still a PITA using it 🙁

    Some alternatives for that? I realy dont want to use this synthstation app anymore!

  4. I haven’t tried synthstation, but I have beatmaker and nanostudio, and I really like nanostudio. The Eden synth is fantastic and I felt that the dev did a pretty killer job of getting it to work out on the iphone. I just wish that i could open up Sunrizer XS, Animoog and Nlog directly in it like a plug-in and sequence those bad boys within Nanostudio, that would be amazing. It’s pretty damn cool that I can drop beats on the train, send them to myself and then open them in Logic and get everything dialed in properly. I can’t wait to see where this technology goes in another four or five years. I’m positive that tablets will become commonplace on stage.

  5. Stick with Nanostudio Brah Ive had the synthstation and the app since it came out they really need to get there stuff together over there. The app constantly crashes but the synthStation is great might upgrade to the synth49 for the Ipad. I pretty much have all the decent analog synths, Spacelab, Animoog, Alchemy, Church organ, Pocket organ, Xenon Groove Synth($4.99) super sick bounce to beatmaker 2 or paste board, Argon synth, wanted to try out the addictive synth but no Ipad yet. there are a couple others I downloaded but those stand out the most I jus use them when I want a change up. Hell I could of got all those apps for the price of my Korg Triton I bought like 10 yrs ago would of never thought making music this way. I also use logic pro with camelphat3 and I want that fabfilter q so bad!!! And multideck tablets are taking over DJing and Live setups to much flexibilty, jus gotta make the switch from knobs to touch Tho the real thing will always be better Thats why we have these analog synths!!!!

  6. Well, thought I’d give this a go, but it’s really not so great. Luckily at 2 bucks it wasn’t too much of a commitment. Bad interface (I’m a new user of this so I can’t vouch for it being “improved” but the old one must have been truly terrible). I only had it installed for a few hours before deleting it. What remains on the iPad: Nanostudio, Animoog, Addictive, Sunrizer, Garageband, and a bunch of others. Just not this.

    1. Hey man, I’m running into the same problem but i have the axiom 49. Did you ever figure out how to resolve the problem?

  7. The update is good, cept, notes get stuck when I use my keyboard (that has worked for EVERY other app available). It is like I am holding the sustain button. Ironically when I hit the stop button on my Keyboard (M-Audio Axiom 25) or in the software it stops the note.

    1. Hey man, I’m running into the same problem but i have the axiom 49. Did you ever figure out how to resolve the problem?

  8. I don’t know why everyone here hate the Synthstation app, it was the FIRST ios music app and it sounds great, it has tons of knobs to tweak the sound of three OSC and a good old style chain sequencer, it has a great compilation of drumsets and a nice effect box, it’s cheap and it sound great

    1. Its good sounding app, but not the best. It doesn’t have a million knobs(Cassini has A MILLION knobs), it has a couple of sliders divided into almost as many pages(iPhone) and has no exciting features in signal path, like in Micron/Miniak that they like to compare this simpleton to. Sequencer is pretty fun, but still awkward to use in practice, and much simpler than very fluent NanoStudio!

      I don’t hate the app, but I hate the long awaited update! Whats next, another year to make the GUI work in iPhone?

      1. Oh yeah, and whats with only one effect(out of 3 or 4)?! NanoStudio has tons of simultaneous effects per patch!

  9. Well you keep using it then its since been deleted over here until they can fix there updates. It was never great mediocre at best, and what good is IOS if you cant use it. I dont hate I speak the truth look at my last post I stated many synth apps that are just as good if not better.

  10. This is unstable at best, crashes on startup, update improved it for about an hour, now it crashes on iPad as well as iPhone and itouch. The trifecta. Now it does not get recognized by Synthstation 25 or by Midibridge, which I had to buy to get other apps to sort of run, maybe, on the SS25. I don’t know how well it works because I have yet to get it to run properly. Wait…there was an hour a few days ago when I think it worked.

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