Native Instruments Slashes Prices On Maschine, Maschine Mikro

Native Instruments has announced that it’s slashing the price of both Maschine & Maschine Mikro. Through August 31st, 2012, Maschine is available for 399 $/€, and Maschine Mikro for 249 $/€.

  • Maschine – The hardware controller that combines the flexibility of computer-based music production with the ease of a groove box into one powerful creative tool. Until August 31st, it’s priced at 399 $/€ (originally $599/599 EUR).
  • Maschine Mikro – The compact music production studio — the same pads, the same software and the same 6 GB+ library as MASCHINE, but smaller and highly portable. Until August 31st, it’s priced at 249 $/€ (originally $399/399 EUR).

See the Native Instruments site for details.

20 thoughts on “Native Instruments Slashes Prices On Maschine, Maschine Mikro

  1. I’m not biting the “sale bate” this time. In their webpage N.I. say, in small print, “while stocks last” … hmm … remember Kore? Anyone? …

    1. i dont think kore was an easy decision for them but they seem to have a long term plan for the platforms traktor/maschine/komplete which kore didnt fit into.

      whats surely coming at some point is the upgrade to the new controller as it should.

      mind you i don´t think i will be buying any ni products anytime soon. did not personally like alot of the policies/ decisions.

  2. they´re prepping for the ren competition. doubt there is a 2.0 or a new controller anytime soon.
    even the 1.8 seemed to adressed mostly the akais plus points (TS, vintage mode/saturation)
    ni are ready for war.

  3. I think this thing is really cool, but I can’t bring myself to purchase an instrument that could one day stop working because the company stopped publishing the software. I like things that last for decades.

  4. As a Kore user — screw me once, shame on you. Prepare for the orphaning after they squeeze one last dollar out of the wannabe DJ market.

    1. They discontinued KORE after a very short period of time. They didn’t support it well…. Ended up keeping KORE integration a part of Maschine, a new product. Anyone who owned the original KORE 1 audio interface/controller dealt with crappy drivers, little support. KORE 2 which was released like a year later… Then ditched when NI realized the tech was better utilized in their own DAW, Maschine.

  5. Now I’m trying to figure whether NI is coming out with a Maschine 2… should I sell my Maschine in anticipation of a new controller? Will a Maschine software update render my current controller obsolete? Is this going to be one of those ” upgrade or be left behind ” senerios???? I really hate it when the stuff I use on a daily basis gets clearance pricing…

    Any news on a new controller/ software version/ discontinuation???? This is making me anxious dammit!!!!

  6. Does it seem to anyone else that NI has lost its direction?

    Seems like they aren’t updating the virtual synths anymore and they’re going with a new hardware platform every two years.

    1. Not complaining… worried. “Clearance while supplies last,” usually means the gear is being cycled out of inventory to prepare for the launch of a new product. I’m not saying that this is the case here, but it does worry people like me who have been burned this way before. Anyone here remember the NI Kompakt and Intakt library players? Kore? The sudden discontinuation of NI B4, Pro53, Vokator, and Spektral Delay, right after putting them on clearance? Slowing support for Battery after Maschine’s release? The history of this is what makes people like myself (who have invested over $5k over the years on NI software and updates) worry…

      Don’t get me wrong here, I love most of NI’s products, especially Maschine. I just hope the people buying Maschine on sale aren’t being screwed over in the long term.

  7. I would bet this is just a standard push to get some money going in the summer, when most people go outside and screw around rather than buy stuff and play with it indoors. They have been putting a lot of things on sale over the last several months. This sale started just as the 50% sale on their flagship software ended. And just before that they were selling Komplete 8 upgrades for $300 to Reaktor and Kontakt owners. Since NI got out from under their venture capitalists they have been behaving like a normal company and putting things on sale regularly. Turns out sales actually make money and build the user base!

  8. Everyone,

    I understand your comments, but i think NI product are delivered so nice and polished that they don’t need to do lot of upgrades (unlike Microsoft). So each VI does what it does, how much more tweaking and tuning can they do to make you happy. They are following the same concept that any hardware music company would do. Also from internal software point of view, they might have lot of codes/algorithms that they could use in multiple VI’s and they did. I don’t know how much more they can do to each product. I think its better to see new product and be creative then just keep working on a same old VI. The whole KORE deal was cheap for 120GB of sounds. You know thats why people bought it. So don’t complain.

    I think NI is perfect and is making the decision to keep their future safe. Would you rather have NI or NOT!?

    if you ever own a business and work in an engineering/IT company you would learn how the business survives in tough markets which evolves every 6mo – 3yrs. Such sort time to push new product out and staying ahead of the curve.

  9. Will the MK2 software work with the MK1? Also, I thought about getting a Mikro too. I hear it’s the exact same software, so can I just buy a mikro with no software for cheaper and it’ll work with the Maschine software I already have?

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