Music For iPad From Alba Ecstasy

Mihail Adrian Simion, aka alba Ecstasy, sent word of his a new Berlin School style track, Music For iPad, created using iPad apps:

Tthis is a demo of 5 synths for iPad. The capabilities of making music with an iPad are endless!

If, on your first articles, I was not so interested in iPad and its apps, now I discover day by day (for the last 2 weeks since I bought it) that iPad is blending excellently with my hardware synths.

Technical details:

Music was composed only with the iPad, overdubbing Animoog, Yamaha Synth & Drum Pad, Sunrizer, SynthTronica and Addictive Synth. It is only demonstrating some capabilities of the above music apps for iPad. Screenshots during recordings.

Music composed by Alba Ecstasy.

7 thoughts on “Music For iPad From Alba Ecstasy

  1. VERY, VERY nice ! And an exciting and enticing example of what the iPad and good software in the hands of talented musicians can do. Well Done !

    Not to mention the discovery of a new artist (at least for me). I will be following (and learning from) Allba Ecstasy for sure. Thanks Synthtopia once again for a great post.

  2. My question is how did you get the audio track out of the Yamaha Arp and Drum app since there is no export function and no audio copy/paste?

    1. Perhaps in the same way as you would get audio into your daw from a hardware that has no export function nor audio copy/paste 😉

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