64 thoughts on “Caption This! The Kitty With A microKorg Synth Edition

  1. Meow mow….Meow mOW…Meow MOW.. MOW… MOWWW………MOW MEow…..MOW MOw….MowMow.

    Sung to the first bars of the keyboard chorus of Herbie Hancock’s ” Rockit “

  2. After a falling out with 9Lives over his spiraling catnip addiction, Morris decided to reinvent himself as an EDM idol.

  3. “Plays vocoder on a microkorg

    Realizes it only makes meow sounds”



    Purrs with Meows”

    but clearly the deadmau5 one is the winner here

  4. here’s more

    “Electric Light Or-CAT-stra”

    “Herbie HAIRBALL”

    “One does not simply Auto-TUNA”

    “Cait Synth”

    I’m bored right now…

  5. This is the look of disdain Mr. Pickles reserves for anyone who comes into his piano bar and requests some thing from Cats. It is also how he expresses joy.

  6. “I need antibiotics or I will die. There is a synthesizer growing out of my horrific misshaped whisker… every time I meow, it hurts, and I sound like cylon warship.”

  7. “You spend too much time with this thing and not enough with me, so I left a boom-boom on your mixer.” (Cue sample of cat being clocked in the head with a boot, shaved with a Norelco and heaved out the window.)

  8. “Yah well….right the beats are pre arranged, and bass lines in Ableton…and everything is synched to backing video…can I at least make it LOOK like I am playing this thing.”

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