The Kilpatrick Format Modular Synthesizer

Kilpatrick Audio has introduced the the Kilpatrick Format Modular Synthesizer – a modular synth based on a 4U panel height.

Here’s what Kilpatrick has to say about it:

The Kilpatrick format is a new kind of modular synthesizer system for players that demand something better, different and inspiring. Designed by Andrew Kilpatrick, the Kilpatrick format represents a new generation of modular music making by offering the right combination of look and feel, playability, excellent circuit design, and the perfect blend of old and new concepts that make the system easy and fun to use.

Whether you’re an experienced synthesist, or looking to get into synthesizers or modular systems for the first time, the Kilpatrick system has something to offer you. The clean design is easy to learn, but also offers experienced users an uncluttered layout that gets right to making great sounds.

Does the world need a new modular synth format? Check out the details on the Kilpatrick Format Modular, below, and let us know what you think!

Kilpatrick Format Modular Synth, Part 1

Kilpatrick Format Modular Synth, Part 2


  • 4U (7″) panel height – each panel offers close to 30 in. of panel space
  • Simple plug and play module installation – rearranging a system or adding new modules is easy
  • Universal use of banana cables for patching of audio, CV and pulse/gate signals – high quality cables are available in a variety of colors and lengths
  • Color-coded jacks indicate different signal functions and direction
  • Separate analog and digital grounds used for low noise signal returns – plenty of power available for digital modules
  • Total cabinet depth of less than 3″ permits table top or rack mounting
  • High quality brushed anodized panels are rugged and feature clean, futuristic graphics
  • All modules and systems are hand-assembled and built-to-order in our downtown Toronto workshop

Systems start at $2960 (Canadian). See the Kilpatrick site for details.

9 thoughts on “The Kilpatrick Format Modular Synthesizer

  1. “All prices are in Canadian dollars…”

    The starter is USD $2,918.29. A savings of $40, the Dollar is doing better on the Loony again. American, FUCK YEAH!

  2. Seems like an interesting addition to the modular market. Just the idea of making the cabinet depth a lot less makes it a real space saver. Plus bananas.

  3. Sounds good, looks fun, too expensive for me but “uncluttered layout”? I don’t think so. But no worse than any other patch cord modulars.

  4. Looks like a fantastic instrument and the format is probably a good compromise between Euro and 5U. But as someone who’s already pretty invested in the Euro format, I think their decision to try a whole new format is really risky. I’d really consider adding a module or two if they were compatible, but no way I’d invest that much in a full system.

  5. Nice synth 😛 I must say, the filter is kinda lame but the rest is phat! Open the range of the Filter wider so you can sweep like mad 😀 In the next build

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