Acidlab MIAMI vs Roland TR-808 Drum Machine

The Acidlab Miami – a boutique drum machine, based on the circuits of the classic Roland TR-808 – goes mano a mano against the machine that inspired it.

There are definitely differences – but do they matter? And would you see similar differences comparing two vintage 808’s?

See the AcidLab site for details on the Miami.

via AudioCentralMagazine:

A/B comparison between MIAMI and vintage Roland TR808; in some case, on some instruments, the TR’s oscillators seems to be tuned on a lowest value. It is VERY likely that, in a vintage instrument like the 808 at our disposal, tuning has changed with age. B.t.w., MIAMI is a great, expressive, electronic instrument.

15 thoughts on “Acidlab MIAMI vs Roland TR-808 Drum Machine

  1. Serious question: Isn’t it possible that the tuning on the 808 is more flat because it’s much older?

  2. What a great comparison demo, well done Audio Central.

    I’ve had a Miami for a few years now and am 100% satisfied with it. I can’t recommend them and Klaus highly enough.

    If you’re thinking of taking the plunge getting a genuine 808 or clone I can vouch for the Miami being as good as it gets, and in some ways it’s an improvement on the real mccoy.

    Also check out the videos on the Acidlab site by RedMartian if you’re considering one. The audio quality is good, and he’s thoughfully panned the different instruments so you can hear what each one sounds like properly.

  3. scheidersladen has this at 880€ incl. tax. i think that is very well priced. i splurged on synths lately but eventually…

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