A.I.R. Music Technology Intros Ignite – A New App For Building Songs ‘In An Organic Fashion’

2012 Summer NAMM Show: A.I.R. Music Technology has introduced Ignite, described as ‘a discrete, standalone music ideation and creation software, built from the ground up to spark creative ideas and enable musicians to build songs in an organic fashion”.

Ignite 1.0 is focused on the keyboardist’s workflow. Beginning in Q3 of 2012, all M-Audio keyboard controllers will ship with Ignite included, and other brands in the inMusic family will include Ignite with select products. This initial product release will be followed by a number of scheduled releases designed to address the complete music creation process.

Here’s the official summary for Ignite:

It’s not another DAW with complicated controls or engineering-centric workflow. In fact, it’s not a DAW at all.

At the heart of Ignite is its non-linear Arranger, which replaces the traditional timeline and tracks-and lanes format. Just open the software, connect an M-Audio keyboard and start capturing musical ideas.

Individual ideas can be snapped together in pairs or groups to intuitively construct entire songs. Ignite’s Smart MIDI technology assists in the creation of chords, phrases, patterns, and complex arrangements, and five premium virtual instrument expansions are included.

All of Ignite’s built-in instruments and included expansions are based on A.I.R.’s professional virtual instruments, which were originally developed for Pro Tools.

Ignite provides an immediate outlet for natural music creation and ideation—its unique tab interface eliminates distraction, presenting users with all the tools they need for each step of the process and nothing more. Select an instrument, record, edit MIDI in the Piano Roll View, organize and arrange clips and more, all in a clean, inviting interface with straightforward controls and zero clutter.

With Ignite, musical collaboration and sharing are easier than ever. Its Sharing Tab includes direct links to SoundCloud, Facebook, email and more. Ideas can be shared instantly, empowering musicians to craft, collaborate and create songs together, whether they’re separated by a few miles or on different continents.

12 thoughts on “A.I.R. Music Technology Intros Ignite – A New App For Building Songs ‘In An Organic Fashion’

  1. I’m ashamed to admit that, despite years of experience with DAW software, I have no idea how this software works, based on the screenshot above. It looks like a lot of useless information arbitrarily placed on a screen. I suppose, based on the description, that it’s a visual creation tool? Off to read more about it, now.

  2. Interesting. There is a lot of GarageBand look and feel to it, but there are also clearly Ableton style clips in the lower section. I doubt this software will replace anyone’s DAW, but I applaud everyone who is trying to break out of the “tracks and lanes” style of production. We really don’t need to emulate tape decks and mixing consoles anymore, but we do need more than sample clip launchers. Something in between will be the next big DAW paradigm.

  3. I really like the idea of software being released that is neither a DAW or a plugin, I wish there was more of it. I hope the soft is good, I can always use another midi keyboard, I also like the tight hardware integration.

  4. It seems to be free, but can anyone tell whether it works with non-Maudio midi controllers? It’s clearly based on the same idea as Garageband.

  5. I tried to download Ignite, but A .I.R. software does not allow you to anymore unless you have a model # and serial # for one of their keyboards

  6. Well, I just have a M-audio keyboard, including Ignite and Abletion Live 8. For playing software instrument, Ignite is more convenient and its sound quality is better.

  7. I don’t see the point of this other than it’s a good program for a beginner,

    Otherwise just use your own DAW.

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