Korg Kronos X Introduced At 2012 Summer NAMM

2012 Summer NAMM Show: Korg USA today announced the arrival of the Kronos X Music Workstation, an expanded Kronos featuring a boost in the internal memory capacity and the size of its SSD, plus enhanced sampler functionality.

Key Features:

  • The Kronos X doubles the PCM RAM capacity to approximately 2GB and the SSD capacity to 62GB, letting you take full advantage of Kronos Sound Libraries.
  • Kronos X contains Korg’s EXs 10-13 expansion sample series of Kronos Sound Libraries pre-installed in its demo mode. Users can obtain full versions, plus additional Sound Libraries, by purchasing a license key from the Web Shop.

Additional Kronos System Version 2.0 Highlights:

  • A second internal SSD can be added to support massive sound library expansions, including Korg and third-party Sound Libraries
  • USB Ethernet support enables high-speed data communication between Kronos and a computer
Here’s the official demo video for the Kronos X:


Kronos OS v2.0

Along with the Kronos X, Korg has announced Kronos OS v2.0, coming soon for all Kronos and Kronos X models. For models that do not already have OS v2.0 installed (visible during boot), users will be able to download and install it for free.

New to OS v2.0 are user Sample Banks for creating high-capacity, custom sample libraries. Players can load and play gigabytes of their custom or converted samples at once, using the internal Kronos SSD.

Improved disk and memory enable the creation of User Sample Bank subsets, as well as mixing and matching parts from different banks, without duplicating samples on disk. Programs, Wave Sequences, and Drum Kits maintain links to the User Sample Banks even when samples are moved on disk or loaded onto a different Kronos instrument, making it easy to share sounds with friends and collaborators. Players can also create their own samples or import Akai and SoundFont 2.0 libraries using new, improved conversion features.

The Kronos X Music Workstation will be available Q3 2012, with U.S. street prices as follows: 61-key: $3199; 73-key: $3699; 88-key: $3999.

16 thoughts on “Korg Kronos X Introduced At 2012 Summer NAMM

    1. What? Korg has the Kaoss line, the Monotron line, the Microkeys line, the Kronos, and other stuff.

      What other company has a range remotely comparable to this for making music with an xy pad, a strip, finger keys or real keys?

      I don’t like that the Kronos costs $3k, but Korg has the Mono line for less than $100, and the new Kaoss mini things cost less than $200.

      If diversity can help a company survive, Korg should do okay. (And if I had $3k spending money, I’d consider a Kronos.)

      1. Korg’s got a pretty good lineup across the board. They’ve got great workstations, kick ass iPad apps, a lot of cool analog synth gadgets and great virtual instruments. And they completely own the world of mini-synths.

        But I’m with tro – I’d like to see them put out a synth in the $500-1000 range that’s got full size keys, lots of knobs and lots of character.

        Everybody’s going ape about the MiniBrute. Why aren’t the big keyboard companies doing some inexpensive synths as interesting as what Arturia’s come up with?

    2. The King Korg is an awesome, and overlooked synth (not workstation) that has an amazing engine under its bonnet (MMT2) which is derived from their RADIAS synth ( non workstation ), however, if you guys wont buy them, Korg cant afford to produce them.

    1. Yes!

      I hope they are already making:
      -Sequencer update similar to M3; micro editing with touch screen, and indeed using stylus. Drag and stretch notes etc.
      -Draw wave forms and envelopes with stylus
      -Karma editing
      -Touch screen knobs and sliders
      -Orchestral version of SGX-engine

      1. (and I mean, that you can use any plastic stick as a stylus, but there should be something to do with that added accuracy)

  1. Demo after demo, one workstation board after another, one manufacturer after another. Same lame jazz piano, 80’s era EP, and embarrassing string riffs. Show me something exciting please. Something so revolutionary I want to part with my hard earned cash. Give me goosebumps or sit down.

    1. I’ve always suspected if keyboards in showrooms could think, they’d be thinking those same thoughts about the musicians who come to try them out: “Same old triads. Same old scales. Same old riffs. Play something revolutionary on me. Play something that gives me goosebumps or don’t bother trying me out.”

  2. Same thing as old one only bigger SSD which can be installed aftermarket and RAM which can also be installed. Difference is aftermarket parts will cost you more.

  3. not another one,
    just a create a simple analog mono synth with patch points and midi,would generate more unit sales than you could keep up with.
    I’m hoping the monotron range has a bigger knarlier brother,thats been bred in the cellar waiting to unleash beautiful kaos to all unescaping ears at a namm show in the not too dis(topian)tant future.
    give us something to make a sound for the now not for ‘whatever whenever’

  4. I’m very happy about Korg doing its part in bringing a little bit(a ton actually) of synthesis into the much too boring workstation business.

    Demanding Korg to make analogue synthesizer is another very interesting topic. Most people seem to be demanding a 500€ analogue synth, but I would be extatic if they built 2000€ analog synth instead. Something like MS-2012. Interesting signal path, lots of knobs and patch points, perhaps a sequencer and a little bit of polyphony(preferably as few as 4. As you need to take separate recordings anyway, I value signal path with what you can make personal sounds). Perhaps a mono-module for 500€.

  5. Im glad to see the Kronos X this what I was looking for. More memory and large SSD and can
    even add another. Plus the USB ethernet adapters uses.
    Glad to see Korg is still on the move to take over the workstation world.
    The others wil be playing catch up for a long time.
    Great going KORG

  6. How can you list a demo version of an expansion as a key feature?

    I wonder if they fixed the X line, so it doesn’t have keyboard problems with stuck notes as Kronos did.

  7. With a new system coming out each year looks like a person needs to sell before the end of the year
    and upgrade before the value drops.
    I found that out the hard way when I bought a Clavinova CVP 409.
    Looks like the Kronos might upgrade each year aswell which I don’t mind. Im glad some company is
    coming out with new things and keeping up with the tech world.
    Hey lots of people spend that much for the upgrade after you sell your old one on football tickets per month.

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