11 thoughts on “Planet Rock And Other Tales Of The 808 – New Documentary Looks At Roland TR-808

  1. fucking hell that is annoying, ANNOYING!!!!! That is enough to ruin anyone’s day-seriously. AAARGH< I am so frustrated and angry suddenly even though I had been having the greatest morning in a long time!

  2. Wow. How can we trust the people who made this stupid promo to not just be artsy morons who are going to ruin this film.

  3. With Arthur Baker producing, this seems like it might be less a documentary than self promotion. And the promo sucked.

    I still want to see it, though.

  4. The editing seemed like a creative choice to mimic sampling and didn’t bother me. Also – there’s a quick shot of the 808 posters!

    If the editing is not to your taste, cut the guys some slack – at least they’re making an 808 documentary!

  5. I’m happy to see a documentary on the 808. New Order? I’m in!

    How about if they drop the f-bomb so I can show it to my kids? Like the 808 needs anymore street cred, right?

  6. I’m glad that I’m not the only one that was thoroughly annoyed with this crap; five seconds in and I was ready to throw my laptop across the room.

  7. I love the VJay style edit reminiscent of Videomix from the early 80s.
    I went to check the rest of their work on vimeo they have done some cool stuff.
    This promo is a strange concept but it’s only a teaser. Can’t wait to see the trailers and know more about the film!
    I hope egyptian lover is in there!

  8. Planet rock? isn’t that the tune that cloned Kraftwerks trans europe express and YMOs Riot in Lagos? always ticks me off when true talent gets unrecognized

    oh and I agree thats a terrible promo video too! wow

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