Peter Vogel CMI Pro

Peter Vogel has rebranded his iOS instruments, formally sold as Fairlight Instruments apps, under his name.

This is part of the rebranding of Fairlight to Peter Vogel Instruments.

The app changes, at this point, are limited to the logo and app name. No functional changes have been made, other than a very slight improvement in MIDI performance.

Vogel promises an update with ‘significant new functionality’ before the end of the year.

Details on Vogels’ apps and keyboard are available at the company site.

3 thoughts on “Peter Vogel CMI Pro

  1. I hate this synth so much, what waste of money it was. I’m sure old timers might really like the retro feel, but I think the workflow and quality of sound is about as bad as it gets. The only thing that could possibly make this app worse might be some annoying animation of a stupid wizard flying around on a broom 😉

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