u-he Intros ZebraHZ – Hans Zimmer’s Dark Knight Synth

Synth designer Urs Heckman has announced, via KVR, a special version of his Zebra synthesizer.

ZebraHZ features customizations and patches used by Hans Zimmer for the Dark Knight Rises soundtrack.

Here’s what Heckman has to say about ZebraHZ:

As you know, next week premieres the final part of The Dark Knight trilogy. For the soundtrack HZ used a custom built Zebra with Diva filters and some prototype features originally planned for Zebra3. He got us to do this in return for some rights. Now the gist is, part of what we’re releasing requires that pimped version of Zebra, hence it will be bundled. It isn’t perfect, e.g. the “Diva” filters are mono, there’s no multicore support, significant CPU drain if the extras are used. We call it ZebraHZ, and it will run nicely as a *separate* plugin!

So, hehe, I can’t hold back anymore, and it has been guessed rightly a few times – all Zebra patches by HZ/HS designed for Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, accompanied by ZebraHZ. Sells for 99$, requires an existing Zebra license.

This I think is the best way to celebrate 11 (i.e. one more!) years of u-he, and a great way to bridge the gap until we release Zebra3. I’m also very happy that we can finally and officially make these sounds heard.

Availability for ZebraHZ is TBA.

via Ronnie Rekkerd, unofficial art via KBRAF

4 thoughts on “u-he Intros ZebraHZ – Hans Zimmer’s Dark Knight Synth

  1. This thing has piqued my interested – as both a synth geek and a comics geek – but how about audio/video demos, Urs?

  2. Sounds like a cash grab for a pre-Zebra 3. I can’t complain though as U-he is far and away the best vsti synth company. Anyone that’s has used zebra and diva extensively will salivate at the idea of zebra with diva filters.

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