12 thoughts on “Akai EIE Pro Electromusic Interface Expander Review

  1. Golden rule of product marketing: If the word ‘pro’ or ‘professional’ appears in the produce title, it’s not.

    1. Well…this is the “pro” version of another box with the same name. And since the key feature difference is that this box is 24bit (a professional standard) vs. the other versions 16bit (consumer standard) I think it’s a fair name.

  2. I have one of these. I use it to produce my podcast (http://www.youtalkloud.com). I needed to 4 XLR inputs and liked this better than the Presonus Audio Box. I love it. Rock solid, low latency, rugged construction. Awesome box. Is it the best? Obviously not, but great for the money and delivers what it promises.

    1. That is because the same semiconductor company makes the chips that power both of those units. A company owned by the numark/alesis/akai/ion/m-audio conglomerate.

  3. I have one and really like it, favorite aspects being the the fout inserts, which I mostly use for adding hardware compression buy also work great with my moogerfooger low pass filter. Using the inserts frees up in the other four outputs for routing. And the additional USB inserts makes this a true recording hub for a very good price. As for the criticism of the name, I bet there are a while bunch of Pro Tools users who might have a problem with that line of reasoning!

  4. im definetly upgrading to one of these soon, the construction of it alone makes it desirable, for how much i have traveled with my Fast track pro im surprised its not in pieces by now haha.

    i really like how the VU meters turn red when it clips.

  5. I wish that some one, like Emu would release iOS version from their earlier interfaces that has hardware effects. They could perhaps even add processing power of mobile devices or at least lessen the burden by carrying the effect department. It could be nice side business for Creative and Emu would have another channel to sell their former synth heritage or even release something new.

    Or Alesis Fission:
    DSP powered iOS add on, that works as an midi/audio interface and has a workstation full of synth engines and samples. Please!

  6. no specs, makes me leary of the product. What is the quality of the mic pre-amps? How about the analog to digital converter quality. No mention of either of these!

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